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The ramblings from her mind....

November 2006
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Anjel [userpic]
Setlist for KULT OV BELA 07*18*06

Thanks to all that came out to the night tonight.
Please check out the following events that are taking place at Kult ov Bela at Club Jade in the upcoming weeks.

Tuesday, July 25th
Release Party for Ego Likeness "Order of The Reptile"

Tuesday, August 08th
Release Party for Neil Gaimen "Where is Neil When You Need Him"

There will be some giveaways at both release parties

Here is the setlist for 07*18*06

Covenant- "Bullet"
Imperative Reaction- "Faded Into One"
Alphaville- "Guardian Angel"
Iris- "Annie, Would I lie (to you)"
Ego Likeness- "Water To the Dead"
Claire Voyant- "Majesty (Labyrinth Mix)
Syrian- "No Atmosphere"
Apoptygma Berzerk- "In This Together (Club Version)
VNV Nation- "Perpetual"
Azoic- "Illuminate"
Mesh- "It Scares Me (Extended Version)
E Nomine-"Vater Unser Pt. II
Intuition- "Just Love Me"

Thank you to Chris for having me out there tonight :D

What mood are we in today?: awakeawake
Listen it's: AFI-"Killing Lights"