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Anjel [userpic]

01~The Postal Service- "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight"

02~Lush- "Lady Killers"

03~The Killers-"Mr. Brightside"

04~The Cruxshadows-"Go Away"/"Orphean Wing"/"Helen"/"Breathe"/"Only Sleep"/"The 4th Phase"/Jackalhead"

05~Bella Morte- "Ruins"

06~Seabound- "Predict"

07~Imperative Reaction-"Faded into One"

08~Malice Mizer-"Gardenia"

09~AFI-"Celluliod Dream"

10~The Last Dance-"December"/"This Tragedy"/"Breath"/"Nightmares"


12~Apoptygma Berzerk-"Mercy Kill"/"Spin Dizzy"/"Moment Of Tranquility"

13~VNV Nation-"Standing"/"Legion"/"Perpetual"

14~Depeche Mode-"Precious"/"In Your Room"/

15~Voltaire-"Goodnight Demon Slayer"

16~New Order-"1963"/"Ceremony"

17~OMD-"Enola Gay"/"If You Leave"

18~Placebo-"Every You, Every Me"/"Because I Want You"/You don't Care about Us"/ "36 Degrees"/"This Picture"/"Second Sight"

19~The Smiths/Morrissey-"November Spawned a Monster"/This Charming Man"/"There's a Light That Never Goes Out"/ "Suedehead"/"First of the Gang to Die"

20~Wolfsheim-"Real"/"Kunstliche Welten"/"Approaching Lightspeed"

21~Formula Redux-"Silver"

22~Voodou-"For Thyne Enemy"/"Fairwell by Twilight"

23~Ego Likeness-"Wolves"


25~Rasputina-"The New Zero"

And where are we at today?: Here and There
What mood are we in today?: melancholymelancholy
Listen it's: The Postal Service- The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
Anjel [userpic]

No I was not about to shoot a porno.... SOME ppl think that bc I am standing infront of a bed... AHEEEMMM !!! GEORGE!!!!!!!



Lastnight... hahaha.. I will continue this post later with pics... I think I am still wonky....

Alan picking on Ashley....


Needless to say anything.. I miss walking in at 645am...

And the boys at Pantheon!

Joe Condon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What mood are we in today?: pleasedpleased
Listen it's: Apoptygma Berzerk- Cambodia
Anjel [userpic]

Going out to harass people.
and let them make fun of my .....hair....

I still cant believe that I chopped it off...

It was shoulder length now... its short....

I haven't gotten used to it yet....

But on the bright side tomorrow I get to see people and MY COUSIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then next weekk..... lorddjc best be comming to see me!
as well as other peoples.. *giggle and grin*

And where are we at today?: Here and there
What mood are we in today?: ecstaticecstatic
Listen it's: London After Midnight- Where good girls go to die
Anjel [userpic]

Stolen from... flyingkendalini
Respond with a song lyric that reminds you of me.

Then, if you wish, put it in your own LJ and see what lyrics you get.

And where are we at today?: South KackAlackiee
What mood are we in today?: geekygeeky
Listen it's: James- Sit Down
Anjel [userpic]

So my hair is past my shoulders....for the next ahhhhh hour till I got get it chopped off... well it does need to be trimmed but this lady that is doing it hacks shit up and styles it like I am some frat house whore.. FUCK THIS SHIT.. I'mma gonna hide...

But my mother is paying for it sooo I guess that I shouldn't whine that much... Ah hell look at me I'm rambling...

oh well I will post photos of the destruction of Anjel's hair tonight or tomorrow...

And where are we at today?: Charleston, SC
What mood are we in today?: nervousnervous
Listen it's: Scandal-Goodbye to You
Anjel [userpic]

mistresspandora is right


Now onto another topic shall we....

How many more friends say that they are always going to be there when I would like to talk to them and you email, you message them, and such and they well read then....discard...
Hide the fact that they are online but not talk to you...
I lost one that way.. still waiting for mistresspandora to rip him limb from limb.....
Now someone else....I guess... I mean how long does it take to say "Oh sorry sweetie I can't talk right now. Can we chat later?" NOT VERY FREAKING LONG

I sware house with cats in the middle of bum fu*k land!!! Is where I am headed....

Well to the west first then there....

It doesn't bother me... I am more than hurt bc we have been friends for what 7 yrs now....and well....pfft...
Don't say that you will be there whenever I need you if you just plan on ignoring me when I call upon you....
now you can refer to my previous rant in PINK

Fuck it whatever............

And where are we at today?: Obviously Nowhere Important to some people
What mood are we in today?: rejectedthat and angry
Listen it's: Placebo-Every You Every Me
Anjel [userpic]

Harassing grindcorean on yahoo messenger is fun! yay!
Because he's my dreampuff!!! ;)

And on another note....

I like my icon!!!! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

And where are we at today?: here
What mood are we in today?: sillysilly
Listen it's: Peter Murphy- Cuts You Up
Anjel [userpic]

Lately, I've figured out that relationships are bullshit. Most of my friends are in them.. yay for them..Then some of my friends are going through a very very hard time with a separation from their wife of 5 yrs with 2 kids involved. Granted I see why he wants away from her she looks like the troll in the first Harry Potter movie....and she treated him like shit and hindered what he loved to do...by telling him what he should and shouldn't do.Uh you stupid wench just because your 8 yrs older than him doesn't make you his Master and he your slave. Jesus Christ. If I ever get that way...KILL ME.
Anyway back to the topic at hand...
Stoopid relationships. I have yet to be in a DECENT one. The latest OH hell don't get me started. The result of this last one has made me want to become a NUN or just stay single and grow old and have 38 cats in a house in the country. I mean whats the point you meet someone, find a connection, fall in love (maybe), then something happens and one day you wake up and say oh yeah I don't think that I want to be with this person anymore or just move away somewhere and find someone else and months later down the road you are back intouch with you EX?? (ex but not ex being that you never BROKE UP) and they tell you or mention that they are with someone else now..
So ha your out!
It's crap utter crap and I don't care anymore...I've seen many of my friends that are close to me go through "problemmatic phases" which then are resolved but they aren't really they sit there like a leopard waiting to pounce until someone wants to fucking bring it up again....

And where are we at today?: In a room
What mood are we in today?: bitchybitchy
Listen it's: The Last Dance-Breathe
Anjel [userpic]

Today has been a random day....

Today I think that I watched Resident Evil Apopcalypse about 3 times...

I HOPE that the next one Resident Evil:Extinction will atleat have a sex scene between Alice (Milla Jovovich) and Carlos (Oded Fehr).
Because DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!! Ok sorry drooling yet again.....

I then talked to a crazzy person in Santa Monica, that I get to see soon! YAY!
I decided that it would be best if there was a law enabling people to hunt trolls down....
(that rant is to come when I wanna rant about it...)
Stoopid troll!

I think I ate too much carrot cake....but its oh soooo nummy in me tummy!

I get to go home in a few weeks and I best be seeing lorddjc. If he still loves me for not calling him when he was in Ga... *give him the cute look* :P
Though I dooo get to see my cousin when I go to SC, she will be there from Cali! YAY!!
I think that is one of the main reasons I am going to go home.
Oh yeah for a wedding too.


So I found this celeb_shag_list

Celebrity Shag List
The MOST WANTED must be #1

01. Oded Fehr
02. Milla Jovovich
03. Alan Cumming
04. Viggo Mortenson
05. Gary Stretch (the guy that played celitus in Alexander)
06. Angelina Jolie
07. Johnny Depp (but I have to ask mistresspandora first since he IS her boy! ;P)
08. Orlando Bloom
09. Alan Rickman
10. William Peterson- I dont know why I would.. but I would.

And where are we at today?: In a chair
What mood are we in today?: contentcontent
Listen it's: Watching resident evil apocalypse
Anjel [userpic]

Anjel [userpic]


Your 2005 Song Is

Mr. Brightside by The Killers

"It started out with a kiss
How did it end up like this
It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss"

Let's just say you're happy to be done with 2005!

Your Japanese Name Is...

Yuki Tokudaiji

You Should Drive a Saturn Sky

You're sleek and smooth, and you need a car to match your hot persona.
Besides, sometimes you want your top up - and sometimes you want it down.

Read more...Collapse )

What mood are we in today?: boredbored
Listen it's: The Cranberries- Salvation
Anjel [userpic]

Atlanta, GA - March 21st, 2006
The Birthday Massacre
Deadstar Assembly

Tuesday March 21st, 2006
695 North Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30308

$10.00 ADV., $12.00 dos
All Ages


What mood are we in today?: bouncybouncy
Listen it's: Birthday Massacre-"Play Dead"
Anjel [userpic]

How's your bedroom etiquette?
Is there someone you wish you could have sex with just one more time?Yes there is but I am not telling :-P
Where have you always wanted to have sex but can never find someone else to do it?Ask me later....
If you could come home to a celebrity in your bed who would it be?Oded Fehr
Do you spit or swallow?.......
Do you kiss a guy/girl after they've gone down on you?Yeppers
How many licks does it take to get to the center of YOUR lollipop?I don't count....
Have you ever taken someone's virginity?Nope
Do you wish you lost your virginity to someone other than you did?Yes
Top or bottom?Either


Anjel [userpic]

-1058am... been up since....12pm YESTERDAY...

-I want candy...

-Soooooooooooooooo PEOPLE!!! My birthyday is comming up on March 6th....
please refer to my Christmas wish list for prezzie ideas.... orgasmata!!!!!! Yeah you! :P

-Why am I not listening to music...

-Oh yeah that takes effort..

-I wonder what my cats have messed up...

-Wow.. I have really nothing to say...

-Sooooooooo Imma gonna go get into trouble..

-ooooh Sleeper Cell comes out on DVD on march 14th

-*does a happy dance*

What mood are we in today?: mischievousmischievous
Anjel [userpic]

going home to atlanta today.. woohoo.. hahaha look at the xcitement on my face..

What mood are we in today?: crankycranky
Listen it's: Postal Service-The district sleeps alone tonight
Anjel [userpic]

~Need to mail Sarah's gift tomorrow... It will be late... Hopefully she won't kick me bum...

~I wonder why I'm bored at 204am?

~I wonder if I could really make enough $$ to move somewhere by October 2006...

~My hair looks like shit... I should brush it...

~ohhh I'mma gonna take pics oooof....uh...never mind the camera is in the other room..


~Where would I want to move to though?? Ideas people!!! NOW!!!

~I want pie

~I think that he got his looks from his father bc shes fugly!

~I wonder if you can ask the california senate to pass a law on trolls living in California

~orgasmata SHUT UP!!!

~I still need a hair cut..

~my feet are cold

~I still want pie

~Hmm I wonder if Narnia is real?

~ Goes to look in the wardrobe??

~Realizes closets are not the same as wardrobes...

~I'm still bored.

~Does anyone know where I can find the Presidio Med Seasons??????


~I am smiling now...

~Still cold

~Dallys on Ebay...

~I wonder...

~Does Amazon.com have the P.M. seasons...


~ Shit I didn't call mistresspandora tonight.. now she will kick me shes mean not nice like Sarah...She bites too and hard...

~I do miss mistresspandoraCharleston isn't the same to visit without her *sigh*


~I wonder if i am annoying ppl again..

~Oh well..

~Zombies are going to get me oOOoOOOOOo

~EEEEP U can DL Presidio Med here (Freetvshow.com)

the end

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What mood are we in today?: curiouscurious
Listen it's: silence is niiice
Anjel [userpic]


Saw Chronicles of Narnia!!! Fucking kicked ass!!!

I WANT a unicorn damnit....

Is "ACTIONY" a word?? vampire_cyril didn't know...and he laughed.. :-P

Oded Fehr needs to make another movie...and have a nude scene....

Got a digi cam and $ for Christmas....

Thinking of moving to Cali....

Is BigFoot real??

My mother has the attention span of a pea....

OOOH X3 can't wait!

Alan Cumming isn't in it....

I found out that Trolls are real and they live in Santa Monica....

orgasmata is prolly laffing her ass off at the last thought.... heee..

Saw the previews for LIBERTINE looks... interesting....

I wonter if mistresspandora is doing and if I should see if she wants to go see the Pirates movie when it comes out... I bet that she will squeee...

I need to get Sarah Poulos' gift in the mail tomorrow....

So is CXS playing DCon??

I think I drank too much coffee....eh oh well...

I wonder if anyone is getting annoyed with this?

If Zombies took over the world, would I want to turn into a Zombie or be the hero to try to eliminate those who are undead...

I want to see the Sleeper Cell season finale!

They have better BE making another season... I'll cry...

Do I really want to see Dreamer???

Mila Jovovich looks good in a paper gown and towel....

What color should I dye my hair next??

This ends my random thoughts for the day... well for now.. ;)

What mood are we in today?: crazycrazy
Listen it's: Resident Evil Apocalypse
Anjel [userpic]

Sitting here watching Sleeper Cell on Showtime. This is a great show... I mean granted its got great freaking EYE candy in it but whoa!!!


So here is my Xmas list....

This must be taken seriously.. I mean it damn it!! For some I have taken the liberty to enclose photos of the things that I would like to have come Dec. 25th..yes, 2005!!!!

1. A pink I POD.
3. The Chronicles of Narnia Complete Set.
4. Black and White Stipped Sheets that I saw somewheres
5. A new computer desk
6. Shoes...
and last but not least....

Please with a nice bow ounder my tree on Christmas Morning!!!

What mood are we in today?: determineddetermined
Listen it's: Sleeper Cell on TV Shhhhhhh
Anjel [userpic]

9pm i get to go out and say bye to everyone here in Charleston. I leave tomorrow fucking 7am! That is BULLSHIT!!! I should protest.. ok....well I did... and out voted....

anyway... here..

playful result
Playful Girl

What kind of little girl were YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla

Your Life is Like


Read more...Collapse )

What mood are we in today?: cheerfulcheerful
Listen it's: The Last Dance-Distantly
Anjel [userpic]

Since this past Thursday in Atlanta, Ga. I've gotten to spend alot of time with some of my most favoritist people in the universe The Cruxshadows. In Atlanta, saw a bunch of people that I know from various Cruxshadows sites and elsewheres.... saw vampirecyril who is the koolest.. he gave Rogue the famous pirate hat from Dragon Con... The opening band killed a Apoptygma Berzerk song...but that is an entirely different rant here in LJ....George did his Immma gonna pick up Anjel and spin her round and round over and over again till Sarah yells at me thing. In which he did. From Atlanta the band went back home to Tallahassee, FL for one day off. After an 8 hr bus ride I arrived in Jacksonville, FL hung out with matt_ferell & friends.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Today the band and I are in Tallahassee, FL...where they play their 2nd to the last show tonight at the Beta Bar.

As much as Ive seen this band this year tonight will be my 4th time seeing them preform this year. I don't get sick of them. I love hanging out with all of them..
Jess and I just sit and gab about random things.. clothes mostly and how pisces are the best only because Jessica Lackey says soo and I would have to agree since my bday is the day before Jessica's but we are 5 yrs apart.

Sarah & I just talk about everything really and she yells at me for being late to shows when I am suppose to be there earlier and she worries like a biiig sister. :)

Trevor & I just ramble about music and whats going on everywhere.

George spins me.....

Rachel laughs and gets attacked by Trevor in a poking match....I yell "GO Rachel!!!"

Cole and I rambling about nonsense...


Rogue... is just Rogue :P

I love them!
Ok..here I should get ready for the show now being that I have no idea what I am going to wear and the doors open at 9pm....and I dont want Sarah yellling at me again...

This post TO BE CONTINUED.....

What mood are we in today?: sillysilly
Listen it's: Damn those voices in my head!
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